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ReInvent Dental


Spring Lake, Michigan (USA) 


Founded in 2017, Reinvent Dental Products is a privately held company with a specific focus on products used in general dentistry.  Providing clinicians with high-quality restorative accessories under its own brand, the company also serves as a channel for sales of other unique dental brands. 

Specialty areas

  • Sectional Matrix Rings
  • Sectional Matrix Bands
  • Sectional Matrix Accessories
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Unique & cutting-edge

We love them because

  • Dedicated to providing unique products and exceptional value
  • Family business, strong core values, support

Key Innovations

  • NiTin Rings

    Nitinol drawn-wire sectional
    matrix rings, resistant to over-stretching.

  • NiTin Bands

    Firm, wider contour matrix bands
    with easy placement tab.

Products we love

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