NiTin™ Sectional Matrix Systems

Each component of the NiTin™ Sectional Matrix System has been Reinvented to enhance performance and value. From the drawn-wire Nitinol separator rings and ideally shaped matrices to the extra gentle yet firm wedges. NiTin™ will deliver consistent, predictable contacts like no other system can!

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NiTinTM Sectional Matrix Systems KIT / COMPLETE KIT
  • 1 Ring Placement Forceps
  • 1 Band Forceps
  • 1 NiTin Standard Ring - White
  • 1 NiTin Long Ring - Black
  • 100 Assorted Matrices
  • 100 Assorted Wedges

  • Curion Exclusive


  • Separator rings optimized for long life and consistent performance for predictable results
  • Matrix bands with ideal anatomy to help you recreate perfectly contoured contacts
  • Interproximal wedges that are firm yet gentle to sensitive papilla

The NiTin™ Sectional Matrix System by Reinvent Dental Products

Used primarily for Class II posterior composite restorations, the NiTin™ system differentiates itself from the competition by its ring construction. Created from drawn-wire Nitinol, a product used in medical device applications including orthodontics, the material undergoes a process of molecular alignment which produces unparalleled spring qualities, ensuring “like new” separating forces even after hundreds of uses. Resiliency is reinforced with PEEK® (polyether ether ketone), a super-plastic renowned for its durability, which is used exclusively in the construction of the backer and tips. Unlike non-drawn-wire nickel titanium, when compared to other rings on the market, the NiTin™ sectional matrix ring has been shown to provide superior resiliency and significantly longer life.

Introducing the NiTin™ Sectional Matrix System

Here is a demonstration of our NiTin™ Sectional Matrix System. You can see how it is in action. Brought to you by Reinvent Dental Products.

NiTin™ versus Composi-Tight™ 3D Fusion

Understand the differences and how these systems can work together.

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