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Morrisburg, Ontario (Canada) 


Founded by Gustel Fischer in 1969, Tri Hawk’s main focus is designing, manufacturing and marketing the most effective dental burs possible. After consulting with several well respected dental practitioners over the years, Fischer recognized that there was room for improvement when it came to creating dental burs that were high-quality and high-performing.

Specialty areas

  • Carbide Burs
  • Diamond Burs
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unique & cutting edge

We love them because

  • Innovation, they took a difficult task and turned it into an easy one
  • Solution minded, a unique product that solved a common problem
  • Small business vibe, dedicated to customer satisfaction and support

Key Innovations

  • Cutting Speed

    Regular carbide burs delivering unmatched cutting speed due to our unique blade and rake angle designs.

  • Crown-cutting carbide burs

    Our Talon line—delivering high-performing cutting speed through our one-of-a-kind hyperbolic shape and our amazing blade design.

  • Incomparable resistance

    Incomparable resistance to breakage due to our induction welding and proprietary steel blend.

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