TALON Crown Cutter - Crosscut

A crown cutting bur with an unmatched combination of cutting speed, strength and safety.

Only Tri Hawk's TALON crown-cutting burs have blades on top of the bur as well as on the sideThis allows Talon burs to cut not just horizontally, but vertically as well, which means they cut faster than any crown-cutters you’ve ever seen.

Unique Features:

  • A unique hyperbolic (hourglass) shape for even greater cutting speed.
  • A single Talon bur can be used for crown prep as well as cutting and removal, rather than having to use 3 separate burs.
  • Cut as fast during the last 10 seconds of the procedure as during the first 10 seconds.
  • Cut through both the porcelain and the metal, so there’s no need for more than one bur.

Curion is proud to be the only authorized and exclusive distributor of Tri Hawk products in Canada. All products are backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

   Made in Canada

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TALON Crown Cutter - Crosscut Round Nose Fissure Crosscut / Talon X10 / 100 Roll

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  • Curion Exclusive

The TALON from Tri Hawk. Unmatched combination of cutting speed, strength and safety.

Removing old crowns can be time consuming and difficult but not with the TALON bur. Now, you can remove 6 crowns in under two minutes, using only ONE bur. Effortlessly, cut through porcelain and metal.

Talon Crosscut
Item No.Talon X10Talon X12
ShapeRound Nose Fissure Crosscut
Round Nose Fissure Crosscut

Head Diameter (mm)
Head Length (mm)4.24.2
Overall Length (mm)

TALON Technique:

The secret is to tilt the bur to a 30º angle, like a pencil tip, which allows you to cut tough materials - like a hot knife slides through butter.

TALON 12 - Cut 5 crowns In under 45 seconds.

TALON 10 - Endo access

Tri Hawk TALON Bur - Can it cut a Ginsu knife?

Tri Hawk TALON Bur - Can it cut bullet proof glass?

Tri Hawk TALON Bur - Can it carve a metal coin?

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