Finishing Carbides

Tri Hawk burs provide a combination of cutting speed, strength, and safety that is unmatched in the dental instrument industry. 

  • Tri Hawk's regular & short shank carbide burs deliver unmatched cutting speed due to their unique blade and rake angle designs.
  • All burs have an incomparable resistance to breakage due to Tri Hawk's induction welding and proprietary steel blend.
  • Enhanced visibility: All Tri-Hawk burs have a matte black shaft that contrasts with both the cutting end of the bur and the material being cut.

Curion is proud to be the only authorized and exclusive distributor of Tri Hawk products in Canada. All products are backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

  Made in Canada

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Finishing Carbides Needle / FG 7901 / 100 Roll

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  • Curion Exclusive

TRI HAWK Finishing
Item No.FG 7901FG 7902
FG 7903
Head Diameter (mm)
Head Length (mm)
Overall Length (mm)

TRI HAWK Finishing
Item No.FG 7904FG 7906

Head Diameter (mm)
Head Length (mm)3.63.5
Overall Length (mm)

How many times can I use Tri Hawk burs?

We strongly recommend single patient use for all burs.

There are many reasons for this; drastically reduced amount of breakage, no lost staff time for the time-consuming sterilization process, elimination of cross contamination, AND YOU GET THE FASTEST, CLEANEST CUTTING BUR EVERY TIME.

In fact, after a single use and sterilization process (cleaning, ultrasonic solution, autoclave) a bur will lose 20-40% of its cutting efficiency and increases its chance of breaking – not just with our burs, but with ALL burs.