VacuLUX™ Mouthpiece

The VacuLUX autoclavable mouthpieces are uniquely engineered for compatibility with the VacuLUX HVE Adapter as well as Zyris Isolite and Dryshield isolation systems.

In addition to a bite block, cheek retractor, tongue guard and hands free, continuous high-volume suction, enjoy the added benefits of the premium features integrated into every design aspect.

Discover the features worth making a switch!

Curion is the ONLY authorized distributor of Ascentcare Dental products in Canada. This product is backed by the manufacturer's warranty.


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  • 1 Autoclavable Mouthpiece - Pedo
  • 1 Autoclavable Mouthpiece - Small
  • 1 Autoclavable Mouthpiece - Medium
  • 1 Autoclavable Mouthpiece - Large
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The universal VacuLUX mouthpiece was designed to fit your Zyris, Dryshield or VacuLUX isolation systems for comfortable and effective aerosol & spatter reduction.

In addition to a bite block, tongue guard, cheek retractor, high-volume suction and isolation, features of the VacuLUX mouthpiece include:

  • Universal FitFits your Zyris, Dryshield or VacuLUX HVE isolation systems.
  • Autoclavable: Approximately 50 cycles per mouthpiece.
  • Comfortable: Designed with a soft, silicone material and a patent-pending comfort flap for increased patient acceptance.
  • Optically Clear: Built in light guide and made of optically clear silicone for optimal illumination with your Zyris system or our HyperLUX light engine.
  • Rollover Edge: Captures escaping liquid for increased spatter reducation and evacuation.

Note:  Adapters are sold seperately. Adapters are NOT required for use with Zyris Isolite or Dryshield systems.

To select the correct mouthpiece size, measure the patient’s interincisal opening.
If between sizes, we recommend selecting the smaller size.
Approximate Mouthpiece Size Guide by Interincisal Opening Measurements:

  • Pediatric (AVLUXP): < 30 mm
  • Small (AVLUXS): 30 mm
  • Medium (AVLUXM): 30-45 mm
  • Large (AVLUXL): > 45 mm

Make the Switch to the VacuLUX Isolation Mouthpiece

Introducing the VacuLUX Mouthpiece from Ascentcare Dental Products. Discover the features worth making a switch to these autoclavable isolation mouthpieces for use with the VacuLUX Isolation System, and compatible with Dryshield and Zyris Isolite isolation systems.

The Whisper Lite Kit and Accessories

The Whisper Lite Kit from Ascentcare Dental Products is a handy addition to any HVE system. Couple with the VacuVUE HVE mirror for a kink-free lightweight hose that is easy to maneuver. Use with the VacuLUX HVE adapter for a more comfortable patient experience.

The VacuLUX HVE Adapter Illuminated by the HyperLUX light engine

Demonstration of Ascentcare Dental Product's VacuLUX Illuminated HVE Adapter and HyperLUX light engine.

VacuLUX Adapters/Mouthpiece - How to Install