Isolator™ Disposable Cotton Roll Holders

Isolator™ & Isolator™ Mini

Need a dry field fast? Isolator and Isolator Mini disposable cotton roll holders create a hands-free dry field. No clamps, rubber dam, bulky isolation device or extra fingers needed! 

Great for creating and maintaining a dry field quickly and easily. Excellent choice for Sealants and multiple dental procedures where a dry field is a must. Standard Isolator (Iconic Hygiene Purple) and the New “Isolator Mini” (Cotton Candy Pink) designed for Pediatric Dentistry.

Curion is proud to be an authorized distributor of Pascal Dental products in Canada. This product is backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

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IsolatorTM Disposable Cotton Roll Holders Standard (50 Pack)
  • Adaptable to cotton roll sizes 1, 2 & 3

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Dry Field. Hands Free. Done.
  • Dry Field - Quick and Easy
    No need to fumble with setting up a cumbersome rubber dam, attaching a scary, hard to apply Garmer Clamp, bulky isolation device or the need for an assistant's fingers to hold cotton rolls in place. Isolator, the super simple, super easy and super fast way to isolate!

  • Hands Free
    Load either the standard Isolator (Iconic Hygiene Purple) with cotton rolls or the new Isolator Mini (Cotton Candy Pink) with cotton rolls and seat on the arch. Bingo! Dry Field!

  • Perfect for Sealants

    One of the biggest problems when placing sealants is maintaining a dry field. Create and maintain a perfectly dry field with easy access to help you apply sealants in a flash!

Pascal® Isolator™ Cotton Roll Holder