Ascentcare Dental


Muskegon, Michigan (USA)


Since 2012, founder Austin Ritter has been working closely with dental professionals to gain an insight into the diverse problems found in dentistry. By engineering, designing and manufacturing thoughtful dental solutions they have helped thousands of clinicians make every day dental procedures safe, efficient, and more comfortable for the patient.

Specialty areas

  • HVE Isolation
  • HVE Isolation Mouthpieces
  • HVE Mirror
  • HVE Illumination
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unique & cutting-edge

We love them because

  • Innovative products and solutions
  • Great engineering and high-quality materials
  • Patient-centric approach
  • Friendly and professional team

Key Innovations

  • VacuLUX Isolation System

    VacuLUX HVE isolation system that is compatible with competitors’ mouthpieces. Fully autoclavable components that are uniquely designed for better patient comfort.

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  • VacuLUX Adapters

    Fully autoclavable aluminum adapters designed to fit your standard HVE valve for an instant isolation system at any dental chair. Use with Isolite, Dryshield and the new VacuLUX isolation mouthpieces.

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  • HyperLUX Light Engine

    A portable fiber optic transillumination for your VacuLUX system.

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  • VacuVUE HVE Mirror

    Designed for evacuation and aerosol management. Ultralight construction with a replaceable HD mirror, whisper lite hose and wrist assist for ergonomics and comfort.

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  • VacuValve HVE Lite

    A small but mighty compact HVE valve that doesn’t restrict airflow and drastically reduces the weight and size of a standard valve.

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