Universal Primer™

Universal Primer is for clinicians who prefer an adhesive/primer that does not need to be light-cured, fearing that the indirect restoration may not fit due to adhesive layer thickness.

Universal Primer does not need to be light-cured for post cementation or under crowns, onlays, inlays, etc. and can be used in direct restorative procedures, such as core build-ups and composites. Universal Primer combines ease of use with virtually no post-operative sensitivity, and it is compatible with other cementation systems.


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Universal PrimerTM PARTS A & B (6ML EACH)
  • 1 Bottle UNIVERSAL PRIMER Part A (6ml)
  • 1 Bottle UNIVERSAL PRIMER Part B (6ml)
  • Instructions
    • Curion Exclusive


    • Both Dual-Curable and Dual-Cure compatible
    • Can be used with total-, self- and selective etch techniques
    • Clinical evaluation confirms the ease of use as a benefit, with virtually no post-operative sensitivity
    • Provides a seal to minimize microleakage


    • No light-curing necessary when used for indirect restorations
    • Low film thickness (<5µm) allows the adhesive/primer to readily flow into etched surfaces and offers both chemical and mechanical sealing

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