Universal EndoHandle

Patented - Made in the USA

The Universal EndoHandle is commonly used by Endodontists for initial canal management. This includes more difficult cases such as Retreatments and very calcified canals where additional files are needed. It creates a Clean, Clear, Smooth, Straight Line Access and Glide Path in less time than conventional hand filing, preparing the canal for safe unstressed rotary filing. The Universal EndoHandle is made of anodized aluminum and is autoclavable. The files are NOT permanently attached and require the user to place a disposable MicroFile in the unique locking chamber. A quick twist of the long handle firmly secures the file to the EndoHandle. Universal EndoHandles are all the same size, they are color-coded to ISO specifications so you can match the file size to the color of handle allowing quick recognition of files sizes.

Filing with The EndoHandle

The EndoHandle uses a simple and effective Circumferential Linear Filing technique. It is a straight-line/up-down filing motion done sequentially around the periphery of the canal. The file is placed in the canal and withdrawn in a directional manner against each side of the canal wall. No rotation, just safe straight-line filing to sculpt and clean the walls of the canal. The leverage of filing with the EndoHandle is at least five times more effective than traditional two-finger filing.

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The Universal EndoHandle is designed to fit any standard endodontic file. If you choose to use your own files, simply put a contra-angle bend in the shaft of your file.


The EndoHandle is designed for limited access teeth. With your fingers out of the way you have a clear view of the pulp chamber with no visual obstruction.


The EndoHandle gives your files a familiar, comfortable, pen grasp grip. You will experience more efficient, controlled filing with better leverage.


The EndoHandle creates a perfect glide path, giving rotary files a path to follow and a space to spin.

EndoHandle - Root Canal Prep Just Got Easier!

The EndoHandle offers a simple solution to the tedious task of beginning root canal preparation