Therma-Flo™ Composite Warming Kit

Vista Dental has revolutionized composite delivery with their new Therma-Flo™ line of products, uniquely engineered to utilize heat for optimal performance of any preferred composite material. Vista’s Composite Warming Kit allows you to use highly filled composites in a wider variety of applications and also provides the versatility to enhance virtually all restorations. Use with Vista's Composite Syringe.

Designed to enhance the performance of Therma-Flo™ products, Vista’s Step Down tips offer extended length for deeper access and greater precision in composite placement.

Uniquely designed to adapt to most composite capsules, Step Down tips represent a major step forward in the control of composite delivery.

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Therma-FloTM Composite Warming Kit KIT / 110V
  • 1 Therma-Flo Syringe Warmer - 110V
  • 2 Composite Syringes
  • 20 2X Step Down Tips
  • 20 4X Step Down Tips

    • Increase the flowability of highly filled composites without compromising tensile strength, wear-resistance or aesthetics


    • Extended length for deeper access and precise placement
    • 2X and 4X orifice reduction for more precise placement of composite material
    • Narrow profile for optimal visualization
    • REasy extrusion of composite material

    Therma-Flo™ Composite Applicator

    Learn how the Therma-Flo Composite Applicator is revolutionizing composite delivery. Use the science of heat to improve the flowability of highly-filled composites like never before!