TheraCal LC® Pulp Protectant/Liner

Resin-Modified Calcium Silicate Pulp Protectant/Liner

The award-winning, next-gen apatite stimulating liner and pulpal protectant, direct or indirect.  Light-curable and so easy to place like a flowable, Theracal’s unique chemistry is more effective and provides more user convenience than alternative materials like calcium hydroxide, glass ionomer, RMGI, IRM/ZOE and other restorative materials used for lining or direct or indirect pulp capping.

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TheraCal LC® Pulp Protectant/Liner 4-SYRINGE KIT
  • 4 Syringes THERACAL LC (1g each)
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TheraCal LC is a light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate filled liner designed for use in direct and indirect pulp capping and as a protective liner under composites, amalgams, cements, and other base materials. It can be used as an alternative to calcium hydroxide, glass ionomer, RMGI, IRM/ZOE and other restorative materials. TheraCal LC performs as a barrier and protectant of the dental pulpal complex.

TheraCal LC’s precise placement allows its use in all deep cavity preparations. The light-cured set permits immediate placement and condensation of the restorative material. Its proprietary formulation allows for a command set with a light curing unit while maintaining ease of placement due to thixotropic properties. The proprietary hydrophilic resin formulation creates a stable and durable liner.


  • Calcium release stimulates hydroxyapatite and secondary dentin bridge formation
  • Alkaline pH promotes healing and apatite formation
  • Significant calcium release leads to protective seal
  • Protects and insulates the pulp
  • Moisture tolerant and radiopaque – can be placed under restorative materials and cements


  • The proprietary formulation of TheraCal LC consists of tri-calcium silicate particles in a hydrophilic monomer that provides significant calcium release making it a uniquely stable and durable material as a liner or base

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TheraCal LC Virtual

TheraCal LC Technique Video

This video demonstrates TheraCal LC's use as a liner/base in a Class II resin-based composite restoration.

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