Select HV® Etch

The etchant that can be placed with pinpoint accuracy.  Select HV is a superior 35% high viscosity phosphoric acid etchant that stays where you want it.  Ideal for spot etching, selective etching or anywhere you don’t want uncontrolled running of etchant.

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Select HV® Etch ETCH / 4 SYRINGES (5G EACH)
  • 4 Syringes SELECT HV ETCH (5g each)
  • 50 Disposable Tips
  • Instructions

SELECT HV ETCH is a superior 35% high viscosity phosphoric etch used to condition the tooth structure before bonding adhesives, composites, or sealants. It is specially formulated for maximum working and handling, pin-point placement performance, and eliminating run-on onto the dentin surface.

SELECT HV ETCH delivers a smooth, non-stringy material which can be used in everyday restorative procedures but also performs well when etching enamel margins without etching dentin, otherwise known as the "hybrid technique". This is desirable when etching enamel when applying a self-etch adhesive, or for the immediate dentin sealing procedure. Etching uncut enamel with SELECT HV ETCH significantly improves the quality of the etch pattern and bonding surface.


  • High viscosity, ideal for enamel etching
  • Thixotropic
  • Washes off easily without leaving any residue
  • Bulk syringe dispensing

Select HV Etch Technique Video

Select HV Etch technique for selective etching and total etching.

Select HV Etch Bulk Syringe Instructional Video

Select HV Etch is a acid etch from BISCO. It is available in our bulk syringe delivery and this video shows how to use the new Bulk Syringe.

Select HV Etch Video Evaluation

Dr. Andy McKamie, a contributing editor to Dental Product Shopper, discusses the Select HV Etch product evaluation.

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