One-Step Plus®

One-Step plus is one of the most versatile and convenient single bottle total-etch adhesive that bonds to multiple substrates including metal.  Its unique chemistry makes it compatible with light-, dual- and self-cured materials without the need for an activator and its low film thickness (less than 10 microns) allows it to be used in direct or indirect procedures.  One-Step Plus also contains filler particles for better handling and post-operative sensitivity control.

Curion is the ONLY authorized distributor of BISCO products in Canada. This product is backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

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One-Step Plus® 1 BOTTLE
  • 1 Bottle ONE-STEP PLUS (6ml)
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  • One-Step and One-Step Plus are light-cured, single component adhesives that, unlike others, bond to a multitude of dental substrates, including self-cured and dual-cured materials. One-Step, the clinically proven unfilled adhesives is also available in a filled version, One-Step Plus. The One-Step and One-Step Plus patented* formulations utilize some of the same patented chemistry found in All-Bond 2®.


    • Bonds to a multitude of substrates
    • Compatible with light-, self- and dual-cured materials (without the use of additional activators)
    • A truly one-bottle total-etch adhesive, one of its kind on the market
    • Ensures complete seating of restorations due to low film thickness (Approx. 10µm)
    • One-Step Plus is formulated with filler particles to help reduce post-operative sensitivity


    • Its proprietary chemistry makes it an exceptional adhesive for metal bonding, including implant abutments

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