MICRO Sickle Scaler (204SD)

The ultimate in uncoated stainless steel technology. Experience the exceptionally ergonomic benefits of LM-DuraGradeMax’s lasting sharpness, and durability when removing dental deposits. LM’s combination of advanced edge retention technology and the highest-rated ergonomic handles on the market means less frequent sharpening and easier, more comfortable scaling for both the clinician and patient.

    • Ergonomic sickle scaler with super fine working ends for the removal of supragingival calculus

    Curion is the ONLY authorized distributor of LM Dental Instruments in Canada. This product is backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

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    MICRO Sickle Scaler (204SD) STAINLESS STEEL / ErgoSense (ES)

    • Curion Exclusive
    • Stainless Steel



    • Especially for tight interdental spaces
    • 204SD design
    • Delicate working end
    • Elongated shank


    • DuraGradeMax Supersteel enables effective calculus removal with less frequent maintenance sharpening
    • Highest-rated ergonomic handle minimizes hand fatigue and potential musculoskeletal disorders
    • Full control and improved tactile sensitivity
    • Savings of time & money
    • Improved productivity & clinical results


    Resulting from intense material research, advanced thermomechanical heat treatments, controlled gas atmosphere and cryogenic processing, LM’s DuraGradeMax supersteel alloy represents the ultimate in the field of metallurgy. LM’s proprietary alloy produces the sharpest, hardest, and longest-wearing conventional tips on the market. As a result, LM’s exceptionally durable stainless steel instruments stay sharp longer than other leading uncoated stainless steel instruments before requiring maintenance sharpening. 


    Ergonomics and innovation have been the guiding principles of design at LM since the 1980's. The ErgoSense handle is a culmination of intense research and product development in close cooperation with dental clinicians and professionals. Feel the difference in your grip both while working and at the end of your day. 

    Lightweight and thicker contoured, ErgoSense handles are ergonomically designed to offer the most comfortable grip and exceptional control even in wet environments. 

    To ensure optimal rigidity and tactile feedback, LM’s proprietary metal core runs through from tip to tip. The durable elasticity of medical-grade silicone with colour-coding for easy "at-a-glance" identification, has been tested to remain unchanged through 2,000 autoclave cycles.


    All LM products are designed and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in Finland. Using the most advanced technology and unique high quality materials, LM products are made in accordance with exacting European regulatory standards and guidelines.

    Clinical use of: Micro sickle

    A sickle scaler for supragingival calculus removal by Dr Kimmo Suomalainen.

    LM-RondoPlus: Easy sharpening of sickle scalers

    How to sharpen sickle scalers with LM-RondoPlus.