LuxaCore Z Dual

One material for core build-ups and post cementation.

  • Cuts remarkably like dentin
  • Exceptionally high compressive strength for enhanced stability
  • Patented nanotechnology prevents particle agglomeration
  • Smoother material with enhanced flow and handling characteristics
  • Film thickness of precision cement
  • Perfect properties, even when used as a post cement
  • More stable, firmer, easier to form

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LuxaCore Z Dual AUTOMIX / A3
  • 1x 48gm Cartridge
  • 30x Automix Tips
  • 30x Intraoral Tips

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Genuine dentin feeling for precise preparations

LuxaCore Z Dual is the preferred, premium composite for core build-ups and post cementation with dentin-like cuttability to ensure a controlled and a precise preparation of the margin. The smooth transitions allows for groove-free preparations without any undercuts. 

Its combination of zirconia filler and DMG patented nanotechnology significantly improves strength, flowability and physical properties, making it ultra-strong and reliable; it's the ultimate in resin technology for excellent fitting, long-lasting restorations and happy patients alike. 

Essential to any core build-up clinical case are post and etch adhesive systems. The LuxaPost composite post and the LuxaBond-Total Etch adhesive system provide dentists with all he needs for a stress free procedure.

Superior values.

LuxaCore Z Dual is closer to natural dentin than the competition in terms of cuttability and, more specifically, the proportion of zirconia gives it excellent compressive strength. This particular property ensures top-quality, natural restorations – confirmed in tests, as shown in the graphs on the right.

Excellent flow properties.

The material's outstanding flow properties guarantee optimum adaptation to the shape of cavity walls and posts. The thin film thickness of just 20 μm is ideal when used for post cementation. (According to ISO 4049 the limit for precision cement is 25 μm).

LuxaCore Z Dual Physical Properties
Working Time1:30
Setting time in mouth5:00
Flexural Modulus9.3 MPa
Flexural Strength150 MPa
Compression Strength380 Mpa

Fewer materials = a more reliable solution.

Used as a single material for core build-up and post cementation, LuxaCore Z Dual simplifies the process and creates reliable restorations.

It can be used with any pre-silanized post, like LuxaPost. This glass fiber reinforced composite post has a similar flexural modulus to LuxaCore Z Dual and natural dentin, making it the perfect product partner.

Using fewer, but perfectly matched materials delivers a very stable monoblock, avoiding stresses in the sensitive system comprised of tooth, post, cement, and core build-up material.

LuxaCore Z Dual
Core build-up preparation
Core build-up with LuxaCore Z Dual

LuxaCore Z Dual

LuxaCore Z Dual Post Cementation & Core Build Up

Feels so dentine-like: 

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