Lucida Composite Gloss System - Easy, one-step polishing with unparalleled results.

The Lucida Star felt polishing wheel allows access to hard-to-reach areas and the Lucida Paste, by DiaShine, provides a luxurious gloss with its patented submicron hybrid water-soluble polishing compound. Its unique formula allows the paste to spread perfectly on the tooth surface while polishing, yet washes away cleanly with water. 

Curion is the ONLY authorized distributor of Lucida by DiaShine products in Canada. This product is backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

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  • 1 Syringe Paste (2g)
  • 5 Click-Type Mandrels
  • 70 Star Felts

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  • Curion Exclusive

The complete solution includes:

  • Lucida Polishing Paste 
    • Sub-micron hybrid 
    • Completely water-soluble patented polishing compound
    • Reliable, enhanced final gloss on composites and other restorative materials
  • Lucida Star Felts 
    • Disposable and cost-effective
    • Achieve variable thickness depending on the pressure and speed applied
    • Allows for polishing facially, interproximally or occlusally.
    • The star shape enables desired intermittent touch
    • Rounded points enable access into narrow areas
  • Latch Mandrels Autoclavable
    • Screws on and off for easy mounting of felts

For additional shine/texture to create a more natural enamel-like finish:

  • After polishing with the Lucida paste and felt star, wash and dry the restoration. Use a dry felt only to spot ‘buff’ areas of the composite.

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