LM-Extraction Starter Kit - BASIC


Extract more confidently with less force and less tissue trauma by easily reaching places beyond the capability of traditional luxators. With well-balanced ergonomic handles and exceptionally fine, razor-sharp blade tips, clean extractions with less post operative bleeding and pain is now a reality you can choose.

Curion is the ONLY authorized distributor of LM Dental Instruments in Canada. This product is backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

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LM-Extraction Starter Kit - BASIC ErgoTouch

1 x TwistOut S3 (cassette included)

1 x LiftOut S4(cassette included)

1 x SlimLift S3(cassette included)

1 x SlimLift C3(cassette included)

  • Curion Exclusive


  • LM-TwistOut - Specifically designed for all torque applications. Sturdy elevator available in a full range of straight and angled models and blade widths.
  • LM-SlimLift - Ultra-slim blade tip akin to that of a periotome designed for the most atraumatic extractions. Not suitable for use as an elevator.
  • LM-LiftOut - Slim blade tip designed for atraumatic extractions. Not suitable for use as an elevator.


  • Ergonomic design — Comfortable to hold and easy to rotate
  • Secure LM-ErgoTouch Surface — Light, non-slip grip
  • Well-balanced — Controlled grip
  • Lightweight — Less strain on the hands
  • Clear color-coding — Easy identification
  • LM-DuraGradeMax supersteel — Strong and sharp blades
  • Tight seam at blade juncture — Hygienic


“I use LM-SlimLift instruments currently for nearly all extractions. I also use my older preferred luxating instruments while the use of the traditional ones has become less frequent. LM’s thin luxating instrument can enter even particularly narrow periodontal spaces. When wide instruments are used, the luxating force is spread over a wider area to the sides and deeper towards the tip of the roots so that the fracturing risk of the fragile roots, in particular, is limited considerably. The majority of extractions can be performed with luxating instruments without any need for any other operative measures.

The design and material of the LM-SlimLift instrument make it possible to get an excellent grip on the instrument. At first touch, the handles may even feel too big but in clinical work I have noticed they fit the hand perfectly. The instrument can be held either on the palm of your hand or held only with your fingers. It is easy to pick a suitable instrument for any clinical need from the broad size selection. The wide blades are appropriate for the extraction of the lower molars while the narrow tips are perfect for instance for the extraction of the narrow roots of the upper teeth.

I can recommend the LM-SlimLift instruments for all dentists: it makes sense to abandon the old and poorly functioning instruments altogether. Too often you hear of cases where the treatment of the root has taken close to two hours.”

– Peter Jungell, MD, DDS, D.Med.Sc, Oral Surgeon, Helsinki, Finland

LM Extraction instruments

Extract with confidence and luxate atraumatically - familiar LM ergonomics and tactile sensitivity also in extracting instruments.