Knittrax™ Knitted Non-Impregnated Retraction Cord

Compare to Ultradent™ Ultrapak™ Retraction Cord

Knittrax non-impregnated, 100% pure cotton knitted cord has thousands of tiny interlocking "knitted" loops that enable it to transport and deliver more hemostatic liquid or gel into the sulcus as compared to braided or twisted cords.

Knittrax retraction cord compresses, expands, and conforms to the sulcus during placement, resulting in increased tissue deflection. Unique knitted design will not snag on burs.

Curion is proud to be an authorized distributor of Pascal Dental products in Canada. This product is backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

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KnittraxTM Knitted Non-Impregnated Retraction Cord Knittrax / 000


Unmedicated knitted retraction cord. Knitted into thousands of tiny interlocking loops. Unique, knitted cord gently expands after packing to help aid in retraction.  

For profound hemostatic control use with Pascal’s World Class hemostatic products;

Retrax™ Solution - 25% Aluminum Chloride liquid 15 mL bottle (15-630), Retrax™ Solution - 25% Aluminum Sulfate liquid 15 mL bottle (15-600), Retrax® Gel AS ProPak 12 (15-540), Retrax® Gel FS (15-740) and Retrax® Gel CLEAR ProPak 12 (15-840)

Pascal® Choice. Consistency. Experience
  • Variety
    We have your cord. The world’s largest selection of retraction cords are found right here. 37 varieties, Knitted, Braided or Twisted. Five sizes. Non-impregnated, or impregnated with Aluminum Sulfate, Epinephrine or if you want the best of both worlds try our combination cords of Astringent & Reduced Epinephrine.

  • Technology
    Pascal impregnated retraction cords are treated with our proprietary NTS application process. NTS technology insures the industries most consistent medicated retraction cord. Our unique Nano-Mercerisation process increases cord absorbency and tear strength, reduces fraying and loose fibers while imparting unmatched silk-like tactility.

  • History
    Over 65 years ago, we introduced the first impregnated retraction cords, and we have continued to innovate ever since. We have the experience, the knowledge and with 37 varieties, Pascal can meet your retraction cord needs.