Icon - Caries Infiltration

The revolutionary treatment for early enamel and interproximal lesions.

Choose from Icon Smooth Surface or Icon Proximal.

  • Aesthetic results on smooth surfaces
  • Arrests caries at an early stage
  • Preserves healthy tooth structure
  • Micro-invasive technology, no anesthesia or drilling
  • One quick and simple patient visit

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Each Patient Pack treats 2-3 lesions (2 patient packs). It includes:

  • 2x Treatment Units, Each Including:
  • 1x 0.45ml Syringe Icon-Etch
  • 1x 0.45ml Syringe Icon-Dry
  • 1x 0.45ml Syringe Icon-Infiltrant
  • 6x Smooth Surface Tips
  • 1x Luer-Lock Tip

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The solution to treating caries while preserving healthy tooth structure

Until now, dental professionals have had only two choices to treat early caries: use fluoride and other treatments to remineralize enamel in the very early stages - or "wait and see" until it's time to "drill and fill."

Icon represents a revolutionary new approach to treat incipient caries: a caries infiltrant. This breakthrough micro-invasive technology fills and reinforces demineralized enamel without drilling or anesthesia, up to the first third of dentin (D1). 

Why do previous treatments fall short?
  1. Fluoride therapy isn't always effective in the advanced stages
  2. Filling almost always sacrifices large amounts of healthy tooth structure
How Icon effectively infiltrates early caries
With the onset of caries, cariogenic acids attack the enamel 
and draw out minerals.
After treatment with Icon, the pore system is closed, 
blocking the progression of caries.

"White spots are a major issue for my post-orthodontic patients. Icon enables me to remove them in one simple and painless treatment. It's a "wow!" moment for the patient and a significant source of growth for my practice." - Dr. Timothy Hess, DDS

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