Ecosite Bulk Fill

Where Speed and Beauty Become One.

  • Fill up to 5mm – no capping layer needed
  • One quick 20-second light cure
  • Excellent adaptation, packability, and handling
  • High polishability for superior esthetics
  • Low shrinkage stress
  • Does not stick to instruments
  • Releases fluoride
  • Functional and practical shade system

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  • 1x 4gm Syringe

Introducing the Next Generation Bulk Fill

Designed to deliver superior esthetics and perfect adaptation with one quick 20-second light cure, Ecosite Bulk Fill is the new generation of bulk fill composites for all your posterior restorations. Fill up to 5mm with no capping layer needed.

Its ability to flow smoothly under pressure ensures high packability without sticking to instruments. It reliably cures in a single-layer application to the depth of 5mm while providing unmatched handling, polishability and superb adaptation. It also provides protection by releasing fluoride.

Ecosite Bulk Fill is available in convenient dispensing syringes and safetips (compules). 

Functional and Practical Shade System

Ecosite Bulk Fill offers a functional and practical shade system with two all-purpose and esthetic shades, Universal and Light, including Contrast where contrast with the tooth is desirable.

The Universal and Light shades are ideal for color match with the surrounding tooth structure and the Contrast shade is perfect for core build-ups.

Dental Advisor Study

A study performed by Dental Advisor reports that Ecosite Bulk Fill exhibited excellent polishability compared to the competitive materials tested, with a relatively fast and consistent polishing rate. Ecosite Bulk Fill also achieved the greatest depth of cure determined by two test methods among the materials tested. Ecosite Bulk Fill’s combination of excellent polishability and high depth of cure highlights two exemplary properties for bulk-filled composites.

Dental Advisor Study on the "Compatibility of Ecosite Bulk Fill to Bonding Agents" reports that there were zero debonding failures at the composite to adhesive interface indicating compatibility of Ecosite Bulk Fill to the 4 generations of bonding agents tested on dentin. There was no decrease in bond strength to dentin after thermocycling for Ecosite Bond.

Ecosite Filler Technology

Ecosite’s special nano-technology enables extremely homogeneous distribution of submicron particles ensuring outstanding low shrinkage stress
(see University of Iowa's Study) and optimum polishability for a high shine finish.

SEM Images
Ecosite Bulk Fill
SonicFill (Kerr)

This optimum filler technology guarantees outstanding workability. 
Source: Internal images, DMG, 2016

"Ecosite Bulk Fill handled and polished well. Good marginal adaption in our Class II prep." 
- Dr. David Little, DDS

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