Double Taper Light-Post®

The Double Taper Light-Post, is an advanced fiber post that adapts to the contours of the prepared canal rather than forcing the dentist to adapt the canal to fit the post. Each post has two separate apical tapers, based on scientific, anatomical measurements, and a parallel coronal section.

In addition, the surface of the post is intentionally roughened to a highly micro-mechanical surface for excellent bonding and long-term.

Curion is proud to be the only authorized and exclusive distributor of the Double Taper Light-Post IIllusion® X-RO® posts in Canada. All RTD by Dentsply products sold by Curion are backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

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Regular price $160.00
Double Taper Light-Post® POST / 10 POSTS - BLACK
  • 10 Posts DOUBLE TAPER LIGHT-POST #0.5 - Black

  • Drills sold separately.
  • Drill(s) required for #0.5 Post: #0.5 Universal Drill
  • Manufacturer recommendation: 15 uses per drill. To avoid over-heating of the canal, 2000-3000 RPM is recommended.


  • Flexural Strength: 1600 MPa
  • Interlaminate Shear Strength: 60-75 MPa
  • Radiopacity: 2.0 mm or 200% Al Equivalent
  • Fatigue Strength: >10 Millions Cycles Without Breaking


  • Ideal double tapered design for optimal adaptation and conservative preparation
  • Retention equal to, or better than, metal and other fiber posts
  • Performance is proven in clinical trials
  • Atraumatically removable in minutes
  • No clinical root fractures, due to elastic modulus close to dentin
  • High strength and fatigue resistance provide durability
  • Translucency provides esthetics and light transmission
  • Corrosion-free and radiopaque for easy diagnostics
  • Superior fracture resistance

Dentists, Denturists and Lab Technicians worldwide have tested RTD products and evaluated them clinically. Many have offered testimonial endorsements.

There are 20 clinical studies on RTD fiber posts, as well as clinical “How-To” articles and clinical case studies that have been submitted by RTD product users.

There are also over 200 in-vitro studies and review articles that include RTD fiber posts.


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