Extract confidently.

LM-TwistOut elevating instruments are suitable for situations where strong force or torque must be applied during extraction.

All LM-TwistOut instruments are conveniently equipped with an autoclavable cassette that protects both instrument and handler during the maintenance cycle.

Curion is the ONLY authorized distributor of LM Dental Instruments in Canada. This product is backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

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  • TwistOut S3 elevating instrument
  • Cassette

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Extract with confidence

Trauma-minimizing extraction instruments are a must-have to shorten soft-tissue healing times and optimize future implant placements. With the same smart design, superior ergonomics and enhanced tactile sensitivity that LM users are accustomed to, LM’s extraction tools provide precision control while minimizing trauma during extraction.

With options ranging from straight, curved, slim, and sturdy torque blade designs, LM’s extraction tools offer the most atraumatic and precise solutions for every situation.

LM-TwistOut Elevator Instrument series

  • Expertly designed for forceful extraction when strong force or torque must be applied
  • Sturdy blades made from durable and strong DuraGradeMax™supersteel
  • Uncompromising tactile sensitivity and grip control enabled by LM’s signature ergonomic handle
  • Simple and easy-to-use quality construction

Blade options

  • S3 – 3 mm straight blade
  • S4 – 4 mm straight blade
  • S5 – 5 mm straight blade
  • C3 – 3 mm curved blade
  • C4 – 4 mm curved blade
  • C5 – 5 mm curved blade

LM feature


Ergonomic design

Comfortable to hold and easy to rotate

Secure LM-ErgoTouch surface

Light, non-slip grip


Controlled grip


Less strain on the hands

Clear color-coding

Easy identification

LM-DuraGradeMAX® supersteel

Strong and sharp blades

Tight seam at blade juncture



Easy to maintain

All LM-Extraction instruments are supplied in a convenient cassette that protects both instrument and handler during the maintenance cycle. The cassette prevents the instrument from puncturing the sterilization pouch, meaning that sterility is more likely to be ensured. The cassette can be color-coded. For replacement cassettes, order cassette LM 810001.

 Sharpening stone LM 818002 sold separately

Hand-finished and made from LM-DuraGradeMAX™ supersteel, instrument blades will stay sharp and last a long time if properly used and maintained. Sharpen your extraction instruments occasionally using this round sharpening stone—a simple and quick way to keep them in top condition and always ready to use.

Working With the LM-TwistOut

“This elevator from LM-Instruments is specifically designed for torque applications

I came across this elevator at the Australian Dental Congress in Melbourne last year. As we’re a rural practice and probably see a few more extractions than in a city area it’s a very handy tool. I find that luxators are often quite fine and if a little too much pressure is applied, they tend to bend or break. This elevator from LM-Instruments is specifically designed for torque applications.

I use this elevator for all extractions and have the full range of straight and angled models in all sizes. It’s a very sturdy, simple tool that makes extractions much easier to perform. I had often wondered why there wasn’t a more sturdy luxator on the market but, as it turns out, this elevator was exactly what I was looking for.”

– Dr. Davis Lakatos, Complete Dentistry, Kilcoy, QLD Australia (from Bite Magazine, August 2014)

How to Use:

LM Extraction instruments

Extract with confidence and luxate atraumatically - familiar LM ergonomics and tactile sensitivity also in extracting instruments.