Bisfil 2B

Bisfil 2B is a low-viscosity, self-cured hybrid composite that is both radiopaque and rapid-setting. It is specifically designed to be used as the base increment in a Class I or II restoration. Bisfil 2B is available in universal shade.

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Bisfil 2B 2 BASE & 2 CATALYST (5G EACH)
  • 2 Syringes BISFIL 2B Base - Original (5g each)
  • 2 Syringes BISFIL 2B Catalyst (5g each)
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    • Rapid setting eliminates time spent with incremental placement of light-cured materials
    • Bisfil 2B is self-cured, which does not cause shrinkage stress like light-cured composites during the curing process, and maintains excellent marginal integrity
    • Low viscosity gives ideal flow into undercut areas
    • Radiopaque and easily identified on radiographs


    • Self-cured composite alleviates any concern about fully polymerizing in posterior restorations