Aelite All-Purpose Body

Aelite All-Purpose Body is a durable, light-cured, universal microhybrid composite suitable for all applications from Class I through Class VI. Its high strength makes it ideal to form the core of layered esthetic restorations. The opaque/body characteristic provides excellent replacement for lost dentin structure. Aelite All-Purpose Body can be used as part of a layering technique or stand-alone as a universal restorative. This composite features a complete line of body shades and two opaque shades.

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Aelite All-Purpose Body SYRINGE / A1 - SYRINGE (4G)
  • 1 Syringe AELITE ALL-PURPOSE BODY - A1 (4g each)
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    • Reinforced and highly filled composite that provides outstanding durability for wear and stain resistance
    • Universal microhybrid composite is strong enough to be placed in any class
    • Superior luster and optimal shade matching when layering
    • Excellent handling allows greater ability to contour and sculpt final restorations
    • Resists slumping resulting in greater control when rebuilding anatomy


    • An ideal universal microhybrid composite that is polishable to an enamel-like finish while offering high resistance to wear and stain