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Sanctuary Health


Perak, Malaysia 


Sanctuary Dental is a Malaysian-incorporated company founded in 2002. Located in the heart of natural rubber supply, Sanctuary is strategically positioned with direct access to natural rubber, giving them a competitive edge to produce cost effective and superior products. 

Specialty areas

  • Latex Dental Dam
  • Non-Latex Dental Dam
  • Dental Dam Accessories
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Unique & cutting edge

We love them because

  • Eco-conscious philosophy, almost zero carbon emissions from manufacturing
  • High standard of production and material quality
  • High quality, powder-free, low protein, longer lasting dental dams
  • Strong core values, honesty and integrity, people first approach

Key Innovations

  • Latex Dental Dam

    Powder-free, low protein
    latex dental dam.

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  • Non-Latex Dental Dam

    High tear tolerance,
    powder-free and low protein non-latex dental dam.

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  • Dental Dam Punch

    High quality, work-hardened 304 stainless steel dental dam punch that stays sharp longer.

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