Peer to Peer Review: TheraBase® Self-Adhesive Base/Liner from BISCO

Peer to Peer Review: TheraBase® Self-Adhesive Base/Liner from BISCO


The dual-cured, self-adhesive base/liner releases and recharges1 calcium and fluoride ions while offering high compressive strength

 Dr. Alex Vasserman has always used dentin liners in his Manhattan practice—especially when restoring lesions that are deep and close to the pulp. In his experience, liners serve two important purposes: reducing sensitivity and promoting pulp vitality. Recently, he learned that BISCO would be introducing TheraBase, a product designed not only to carry out those functions, but to make restorative work easier.

“When BISCO released TheraBase, knowing what I know about BISCO’s commitment to research and development, I knew that this liner would be put to good use in my practice,” he said.

Release and Recharge

The self-adhesive base/liner is the latest addition to BISCO’s family of therapeutic materials. The dual-cure TheraBase polymerizes even in deep restorations where light cannot reach and chemically bonds to tooth structure. There, it releases and recharges calcium and fluoride ions,1 generating an alkaline pH that promotes pulp vitality.2

“Recent studies suggest that calcium released from biomaterials is one of the key factors in promoting the mineralization process in the formation of reparative dentin,” Dr. Vasserman said. “When a liner combines the calcium release with an alkaline pH, that creates an environment that could promote pulp health.”

Protecting the Pulp

Dr. Vasserman has been using TheraBase in posterior restorations when the preparation is deep to the pulp—and in situations with evidence of affected dentin on the pulpal floor—and he can attest to many of its advantages. “TheraBase is a very simple product to use,” he said, adding that he appreciates the convenience of the auto-mix dual syringe, which provides a consistent mix for immediate delivery. Also, since the material is opaque, it is easy to see clinically and radiographically for quick and effective diagnosis.

Dr. Vasserman finds the product serves his patients well when it comes to sensitivity. “Even when patients lose a temporary, they seem to report less sensitivity, because TheraBase seals the pulpal floor.”

According to BISCO, TheraBase is stronger and more durable than other base materials, glass ionomers, and resin-modified glass ionomers. Dr. Vasserman, noting he has seen other glass ionomers and liners crack and leak under compressive forces, said, “TheraBase is stronger, so theoretically it should protect the pulp better and withstand higher occlusal loads.”

Simplifying Restorations

“I love that it’s self-adhesive,” Dr. Vasserman said of the ability to save on time and other materials.

“TheraBase contains the monomer MDP, so you don’t need to prime and bond the pulpal floor prior to its application. I typically just particle abrade the pulpal floor and apply TheraBase right onto the surface and light cure. It’s very convenient and easy to use."



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In 2006, after receiving his master’s degree in Graduate Medical Science, Dr. Vasserman attended Boston University School of Dental Medicine Class of 2011.Immediately thereafter, he began a residency program at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. In 2013, he started his own practice in New York City, now located on the Upper East Side. He frequently partakes in continuing education seminars, workshops, live patient hands-on courses, and study clubs. He is a member of the ADA, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics, American Academy of General Dentistry, New York State Dental Association, and International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He pursues continuting education through Spear Education and the Kois Center.


Republished DENTAL PRODUCT SHOPPER |  June 28, 2021 Issue

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