Retrax® Cord Initial-Pack Non-Impregnated Retraction Cord

Non-impregnated, Black, Braided Ultra-Thin 000 A must have for the over 85% of dentists who successfully use the double cord technique.

Optimized for analog & digital dentistry. Achieve rapid tissue displacement, precise margins and high quality impressions. Retrax® Cord from Pascal Dental is the foundation for success in both conventional and digital dentistry. The entire Retrax cord line is ideal for creating full exposure of the margin.

Curion is proud to be an authorized distributor of Pascal Dental products in Canada. This product is backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

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Retrax® Cord Initial-Pack Non-Impregnated Retraction Cord Siltrax® INITIAL PACK / 000


Non-impregnated, Black, Braided Ultra-Thin 000 A must have for the over 85% of dentists who successfully use double cord technique.

Ultra-Thin, Easy to locate black, Braided, Non-impregnated retraction cord. 

Initial Pack 000 is ideal for creating depth and tissue deflection. 

Initial Pack 000 can be safely left in the sulcus as long as clinician desires without chemical damage to the tissue or causing sensitivity.

Pascal® Choice. Consistency. Experience

  • Variety
    We have your cord. The world’s largest selection of retraction cords are found right here. 37 varieties, Knitted, Braided or Twisted. Five sizes. Non-impregnated, or impregnated with Aluminum Sulfate, Epinephrine or if you want the best of both worlds try our combination cords of Astringent & Reduced Epinephrine.

  • Technology
    Pascal impregnated retraction cords are treated with our proprietary NTS application process. NTS technology insures the industries most consistent medicated retraction cord. Our unique Nano-Mercerisation process increases cord absorbency and tear strength, reduces fraying and loose fibers while imparting unmatched silk-like tactility.

  • History
    Over 65 years ago, we introduced the first impregnated retraction cords, and we have continued to innovate ever since. We have the experience, the knowledge and with 37 varieties, Pascal can meet your retraction cord needs.

Dr. Michael W. Brumm

“Great product from an outstanding company. The SB Clearwater (R-55) Cord Packer and Siltrax EPI #00 are essentials in the Strupp/Brumm tissue management protocol.”

Dr. Luis Calicchio

When you work with microscope and digital dentistry is essential to understand how to handle soft tissue. Margin visualization is a key factor  to have the possibility to create a perfect prep and pascal retraction cord knitrax 000 is my choice for it.

The process of scanning is very delicate and getting the correct gingiva retraction is one of the most important step. I have been using Siltrax plus in my cases and the results are amazing. The hemostatic and astringent present in the product promote the perfect condition for the scanner.

Packing and Removal of Retrax Cords