Quick-Stat™ FREE Aluminum Chloride Hemostatic Agent

Compare to Ultradent®: ViscoStat® Clear

Quick-Stat™ FREE is the first clear tissue management agent with shortened hemostasis time. Not only that, the proprietary surfactant in Quick-Stat™ FREE allows better penetration to more effectively stop sulcular fluid build up. This is the Astringent Hybrid Technology that makes Quick-Stat™ FREE 20% faster than other clear hemostatic agents. For controlling tissue management, especially in the aesthetic zone, Quick-Stat™ FREE is the clear choice.

Curion is proud to be an authorized distributor of Vista Apex products in Canada. This product is backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

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Quick-StatTM FREE Aluminum Chloride Hemostatic Agent KIT / 4 SYRINGES - 1.2ml
  • 4 QUICK-STAT FREE Prefilled Syringes - 1.2ml
  • 8 STAT-FLO Tips
    • Surfactant lowers surface tension for better wound penetration
    • Controls bleeding fast - WILL NOT stain tissue
    • Viscous gel will not flow onto surrounding tissue
    • Includes Stat-Flo™ applicator tips