LM-Arte™ Eccesso

Remove composite and bonding residue as well as tartar. This fine but solid instrument is characterized by an optimized length, thickness and blade width.

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What is LM-Arte?

LM-ARTE is a set of innovative instruments for aesthetic restorations. Developed in co-operation with Style-Italiano, a group of dentists specialized in aesthetic dentistry, each LM-ARTE instrument is specially designed for composite layering. 

They are made of high-quality and non-stick LM-DuraGradeMax supersteel with exceptional polish. Each LM-Arte instrument is colour-coded and named by its main function which enables easy, efficient and quick restorative treatments. 

LM-Arte ECCESSO - What can I do with it?

Remove composite and bonding residue as well as tartar. This fine but solid instrument is characterized by an optimized length, thickness and blade width.

  • FIG.1 The special angulated working ends of the Eccesso are ideal for excess removal from cervical anterior and interproximal molar areas 

LM-ErgoSense - The Pinnacle in Handle Evolution

Choosing the most ergonomic hand instrument can make a big difference in terms of discomforts and disorders when performing dental work. It is by no means insignificant what the diameter of the hand instrument’s handle is or what the material of the grip surface is. When holding the instruments for approximately 2,000 hours each year, the design, weight and feel of the instrument are crucial for the dental practitioner in terms of his/her performance and productivity.

As revealed in several scientific studies, hand instruments with thick silicone handles have been found to be more usable, cause lower perceived strain and to be more productive than those with thinner handles*. LM-ErgoSense was rated as the best in ten out of fourteen specified usability features compared with the other tested instruments in a dental scaling simulation *. 

Feel the difference in your grip both while working and at the end of your day. Lightweight, elastic, and thicker contoured, ErgoSense handles are ergonomically designed to offer the most comfortable grip and exceptional control even in wet environments. To provide optimal rigidity and tactile feedback, LM’s proprietary metal alloy runs from tip to tip. LM’s durable, medical-grade silicone are color-coded for at-a-glance identification, and won’t change in any way through repeated cleaning cycles.

* Sormunen E., Nevala N: Evaluation of ergonomics and usability of dental scaling instruments; Dental scaling simulation and Field study, part III. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, LM-Instruments Oy.

LM Arte - Eccesso

LM Arte - Eccessa by Style Italiano.

LM Arte - Sculpt masterpieces (Short Version)

LM Arte - Sculpt masterpieces by Style Italiano (Short Version).