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FREE ON DEMAND 3-Webinar Series with Dr. Ricardo M. Carvalho

3-part series

4 CE credits


FREE ON DEMAND 3-Webinar Series with Dr. Ricardo M. Carvalho

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Dr. Carvalho is a Professor in the Department of Oral Biological and Medical Sciences, Division of Biomaterials; and former Director of the Frontier Clinical Research Centre at the University of British Columbia - UBC. He is trained in Restorative Dentistry and Fixed Prosthodontics and has taught both disciplines at universities in Brazil, USA and Japan. He has published over 200 articles in the field of Dental Materials with focus in adhesion and how to translate science to clinical applications and lectured worldwide with focus on translating scientific evidence to clinical practice. He is a fellow of the Academy of Dental Materials and currently serve as its Chair of Membership committee. He is the immediate Past-President of the Dental Materials Group (DMG-IADR). 


 WEBINAR 1: Earn 1 CEU

Adhesives and Resin Cements: Do they always bond together?

Have you ever experienced any debonding of indirect restorations? Are you confident that the adhesive you are using to bond to the tooth is compatible with your resin cement?

Not all adhesives and cements are compatible and can result in a poor, or weak, bond between the adhesive and resin cement, thus leading to potential clinical failures. This webinar session will explain the mechanisms that lead to incompatibility issues between adhesives and resin cements and, will build a rational for choosing a successful combination of adhesives and cements.


WEBINAR 2: Earn 1.5 CEU

Are you able to efficiently cure resin cements through ceramic or composite crowns?

Does your resin cement cure well in the dark? Do you trust your polymerization technique when curing resin cements underneath ceramic and composite crowns? Are you confident that your resin cement has, in fact, fully polymerized?

The ability to ensure maximum curing depends on the light unit, curing method, type of prosthesis material and the type of resin cement. This webinar session will focus on how to understand and combine the elements for successful curing in prosthetic cementation.

WEBINAR 3: Earn 1.5 CEU

Veneers: Avoiding Failures Caused by Debonding or Discoloration

Veneers fail for two main reasons: debonding and/or discolouration. Both factors are associated with the bonding technique used to bond to the veneer itself, as well as the cement you use. Porcelain treatment can easily go wrong causing premature debonding; and, cements and adhesives may undergo colour change with aging and can affect long-term aesthetics. This webinar session will focus on techniques that ensure predictable and efficient bonding to porcelain and, how to choose the right cement.