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Contemporary Colour Analysis: An Evolution Towards Optimal Aesthetics

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Contemporary Colour Analysis: An Evolution Towards Optimal Aesthetics

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Webinar Description:

Effective shade communication between the clinician and the dental laboratory has been long-established as a critical step in the successful fabrication and delivery of indirect aesthetic restorations. Contemporary analog shade guides and the means with which they are analyzed have historically been unreliable and fraught with errors of interpretation. Alternative solutions, including custom shade guides, in-lab colour mapping, and advanced DSLR photography protocols have been advocated for by dental professionals. This presentation will discuss a novel device and intuitive technique for digital shade matching and collaboration that allows the clinician and ceramist to create predictable optimal aesthetic results without the use of shade tabs.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the common pitfalls and shortcomings associated with contemporary dental photography in shade communicate between dentists and ceramists.

  2. Recognize the advantages and limitations of contemporary analog and digital shade communication protocols.

  3. List the steps required for the dental ceramist to fabricate indirect restorations utilizing colorimetric data and software.

  4. Apply new concepts and technology to current patient base to improve the efficiency of chairside/laboratory intraoral shade taking. 


Speakers Bio: 

Dr. Miles Reed Cone, DMD, MS, CDT, FACP

Dr. Miles R. Cone is a graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and completed a three-year Prosthodontic residency program while serving in the United States Army before being honourably discharged as a field grade officer in the rank of Major. In addition to achieving board certification and diplomate status within his specialty, Dr. Cone has also successfully challenged all the requirements necessary to earn his designation as a Certified Dental Technician. Currently, Dr. Cone’s career in civilian life revolves around his dual role as the owner of Nuance Dental Specialists, a private practice dental clinic limited to prosthetic dentistry in the heart of Portland, ME, and his role as Editor in Chief of the American College of Prosthodontists quarterly publication, The Messenger. When Dr. Cone is not at the chair, in the classroom teaching, or at the lab bench, he can be found lecturing on the international circuit, publishing extensively in peer-reviewed journals.


James Choi, CDT, Certified Master Ceramist

James has been involved in dental technology for over two decades, and has worked with many of the industry greats, including Michel Magne and Don Cornell. James earned his credentials as a Certified Master Ceramist in 2011, and shortly thereafter he took on the lead as dental laboratory directory for the Master Ceramist Program at UCLA in collaboration with Dr. Ed Mclaren. James if one of the main developers of the revolutionary Miyo liquid ceramic system, which he utilizes in his privately owned boutique dental laboratory. James influence and innovation further drive his role as an international educator, thought leader and key opinion leader.