Whisper Lite™ Kit

Reduce the weight and sound of your HVE valve for the patient by adding the optional Whisper Lite vacuum line extension kit to your isolation system. Plug this kit into your HVE valve, which can remain docked away from your patient's ear, and couple to the VacuLUX adapter for a more comfortable experience. 

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Whisper LiteTM Kit KIT / KIT
  • 5 foot vacuum hose
  • 11.10mm OD standard stainless steel valve adapter tube
  • hose clip for tool dockage
  • Instruction and Care Guide
  • Product Warranty

  • Curion Exclusive

Whisper Lite Kit

This vacuum line extension kit can be used with the VacuVUE HVE Mirror or the VacuLUX HVE Adapter.

Features of the Whisper Lite Kit include:

  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Works with any HVE Valve
  • Convienient coupler for use with our adapter, mirror or your suction tips

Wrist Assist (NEW!)

1. 22mm Quick-Release Watch Band - interchange with any standard 22mm band of your choice sold everywhere.
2. Easy-Snap Clip - designed to work with your HVE Vacuum line or our lighweight Whisper Lite Kit.
3. Aluminum Construction - lightweight feel and durable.

Instructions For Use:

        1. Connect your VacuLUX HVE Adapter, VacuVUE HVE Mirror or suction tip to the aluminum coupler.
2. Connect your HVE Valve to the stainless steel tube.
3. Dock your HVE Valve at your docking station.
        4. When not in use, rest the hose in the hose clip to securely hold your instrument.

Sterilization Instructions:

Do not put in autoclave. Run the Whisper Lite hose with a non-corrosive, pH-neutral enzymatic cleaning solution and perform a surface disinfection with a hospital grade disinfectant wipe between each patient. Gamma & EtO sterilizable.

The Whisper Lite Kit and Accessories

VacuLUX Adapters/Mouthpiece - How to Install

Ascentcare's HVE Wrist Assist and Whisper Lite Kit

Reduce fatigue, increase agility and improve overall ergonomics while working with HVE instruments when you use Ascentcare's Wrist Assist vacuum line relief band and the Whisper Lite vacuum line kit.