SoftWedges™ Interproximal Wooden Wedges

SoftWedges™ are wooden interproximal wedges that have been optimized for use with modern restorative materials.

The ability to compress during insertion then swell to help fill voids insures that your preparations stay clean and dry - an absolute must for today's bonded restorations!

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SoftWedgesTM Interproximal Wooden Wedges KIT / ASSORTED WEDGES (400)
  • 100 SOFTWEDGE Extra Small - Yellow
  • 100 SOFTWEDGE Small - Blue
  • 100 SOFTWEDGE Medium - Orange
  • 100 SOFTWEDGE Large - Green

    • Easy to insert with your traditional instrumentation, Soft Wedge leaps past inferior sycamore and birch wedges with its strong, yet considerably more compressible material. Combined with a lower profile, extended length and improved anatomy it is the perfect wedge for use with a sectional matrix system

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