Piezo — General Scaling Tips

  • SU1 - Light to medium-heavy supra-gingival: Compare to Ultradent: Ultrawave 1 Tips.
  • SU2 - Heavy supra-gingival calculus removal: Compare to Ultradent: Ultrawave SU2 Tips.
  • SU3 - Tobacco, coffee and other stain removal: Compare to Ultradent: Ultrawave 3 Tips.
  • SU4 - Scaling of sensitive areas: Compare to Ultradent: Ultrawave S04 Tips.
  • SU5 - Interproximal scaling: Compare to Ultradent: Ultrawave 10X Tips.
  • SU6 - Sub-gingival scaling: Compare to Ultradent: Ultrawave 10Z Tips.

EMS Style: Mini Piezon*, Scalex 880, Bonart, SuperSon EIE, Master 400, Parkel (Piezo), Dent America

ACTEON Style: Vista P5, NSK, Sybron Endo, Obtura Spartan, ADEC, J.Morita, Dentsply/Tulsa, Amdent, Ultradent

Call for tip compatibility with other units.

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  • 1 General Scaling Tip SU1 - Universal/Acteon Style
  • Light to medium-heavy supra-gingival (comes with tip wear marking)
  • Ideal for light to medium-heavy cases of supra-gingival calculus. Produces a smoothly scaled surface with minimal need for secondary hand instrumentation
  • Use the side radius of the initial 2-3mm of the tip in a sweeping motion on the tooth enamel