Moore-Flex Discs


Moore’s Brass Center Discs have been the industry standard since 1898. They snap on and off quickly and easily, with no screws to drop or lose. Moore’s discs can be used with the grit side in or out and won’t come off with the reversal of the handpiece.

  • Allows the disc to precisely follow inter-proximal contours and incisal edges.
  • Resistant to wear.
  • Smooth surface quality.
  • Available in regular brass or mini centered discs.
  • Colour-coded (White - Coarse, Green - Medium, Blue - Fine, Tan - Ultrafine)

Curion is proud to be an authorized distributor of EC Moore products in Canada. This product is backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

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Moore-Flex Discs 5/8" DISCS / ULTRAFINE
  • 100 Ultrafine Discs - Tan (5/8")