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TriCom Dental


Texas (USA) 


TriCom Dental Products is owned and operated in Texas, with shipping facilities located in Houston, Hollywood, FL, and Colorado Springs, CO.

Since our company opened its doors in 1996, the products developed are always designed with our practitioners in mind and what products they would use in everyday practice. 

We bring to you time and cost efficient products, making your practice run with optimum efficiency. TriCom Dental Products LLC continues to bring unique methods at high quality standards.

We are a company you can depend on, with reliable patented products, chemically designed method that stands strong next to our dedication for customer satisfaction.

Changing the way you think about Infection Control!

Specialty areas

  • Dental
  • Medical
  • General Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Our products are safe to use in your own home!
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unique & cutting edge

We love them because

  • Innovation, they took a difficult task and turned it into an easy one
  • Solution minded, a unique product that solved a common problem
  • Small business vibe, dedicated to customer satisfaction and support

Key Innovations

  • Reliable patented products
  • Chemically designed method

Products we love

We bring the very best to you. Put your trust in the right hands … yours!