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Oulu, Finland


Established in April 2015 with strong technology heritage from Nokia, QuietOn is a young dynamic Finnish tech-company.

The original QuietOn earplugs first became popular among frequent travellers and were sold around the world through major airlines.

QuietOn then founds its way to the dental sector, thanks to Mr. Pekka Sarlund (QuietOn’s former CEO, current chairman of the board) who suffered from dental noises as a patient. During one of his treatments, his dentist noticed the earplugs and “stole” them from Pekka for her own use – and simply loved them. Today, QuietOn earplugs help dental professionals globally to protect their health and prevent hearing damage.

Specialty areas

  • Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs
  • Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Dental Patients
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We love them because

  • Focus on the wellbeing of dental professionals
  • User- and patient-centric approach
  • Innovative use for technology

Key Innovations

  • QueitOn (Dental)

    Active noise cancelling earplugs for dental professionals and dental patients.

  • QuietOn 2

    QuietOn 2 Active Noise Cancelling wireless earbuds provide you with the needed quietude to make the most of your journey – be it for a restful sleep or full concentration.

  • QuietOn 3

    Don't suffer from sleep deprivation caused by high noise levels. By drowning out snoring, traffic or neighborhood noise, QuietOn is a help for insomnia. Sleep in quietude and wake up refreshed.

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